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My heart has known this pain before,
Has felt the tearing, burning roar
Of losing love
Of short goodbyes
Of thick regrets
Of fearful eyes
And once before the sutures stuck
I clawed my way from deep dark muck
Time stood still and then it didn't
The dark low thoughts stayed buried and hidden.
My body knows the path to pave
My mind has earned the right brave
these weeks with grace, chin to the sky
it’s getting easier to say goodbye
:iconjessica35:jessica35 2 0
Sinking Ship
My stomach is a sinking ship
You are the ocean.
Filling my taverns, and weighing me down.
My heart is a bird
You are the hunter.
Shooting your arrows, and making me bleed.
My eyes are rain clouds
You are the storm.
Letting the  drops fall, and watching me grieve
My brain is a bumble bee
You are the poison
Stalking my body, and stinging my skin
:iconjessica35:jessica35 0 0
Into the Night
She blows out midnight flickering wicks,
settling the whisping smoke
like caterpillars in serenity.
Nostalgic nebulas weave,
Into the night,
into the night.
Residing riptides of cinnamon linger.
Tuck the eyes if sleeping slumber.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 3 1
Like a Salmon
I want to hatch like a salmon in  your heart
and glide through the rapids in your blood stream,
always making my way  against the current
back to the place I was born.
I want to grow like a tree in your back yard
and hold up the wooden swing of your youth.
I'll be the place you go to think in solitude,
my branches never letting you fall.
I want to flourish like a flower in your garden
and fill your days with colour.
I'll be the stems that you pick for your vase
to fill rooms with aromatic beauty.
I want to rush through your mind like a river
and push aside all of that debris.
I'll be the liquid thoughts of your daydreams.
I'll be the power pulsing through your veins.
I want to hatch like a salmon in  your heart
and glide through the rapids in your blood stream,
always making my way  against the current
back to the place I was born.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 4 9
Dear Teen Me
Dear Teen Me:
You're in the hospital right now, curled up in a ball and wheezing in pain. The doctors have you on bed rest because every time you try to stand up the world goes black. You weigh just less than 90 pounds, and you haven't eaten in months. It's not because you don't want to eat; it's because keeping food down is like nailing Jell-O to the wall, impossible. You dry heave over a metal bed pan the nurse gave you, but nothing but this disgusting yellow and brown stuff ever comes up. The nurses tell you that the yellow stuff is bile and the brown stuff is blood.
They used to do tests on you every day. They would come in with their needles and poke you until they found a vein that hadn't yet been siphoned from yet. You have track marks on your arms from all the blood tests. They would bring you down to labs with giant machines and take x-rays and MRI's. They shoved a tube with a camera on it down your throat and through your digestive system to see if there were any abnormalitie
:iconjessica35:jessica35 12 12
Counting Memories of You
Lately I've been going on dates with boys. I say boys because not one of them measures up to the man you were. Sure, some of them have been beautiful. One even had a British accent, which made me melt into a puddle of goo on the floor. But for some reason they all disappear, ignoring my phone calls, ignoring my text messages. I guess it could have been something that I did or said, but I like to think it's because they aren't man enough for me. It really gets me thinking about you, and all the ways you made me feel invincible. It's on days like today when I'm feeling useless and depressed that I often count the things that remind me of you.
i. The first winter snow
Do you remember our first date?  I remember it was sometime in the end of January.  We walked around my neighborhood for ages talking about our lives. You were wearing a t-shirt; I was wearing a winter jacket. You told me that you never get cold, and I laughed because I knew that was bullshit. The way you were trying
:iconjessica35:jessica35 8 8
Dandelion Love
Your love infects my garden.
Once a mosaic of colour,
is now a sea of yellow.
I forget to feel red,
to taste green,
to dream in silver.
Because all is yellow.
All is you.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 4 10
Abyssal Promises
What a fool am I.
To let that iron cage around my heart open
and flutter into you like a bird desperate for freedom.
I built that cage to keep the wolves out,
and to sing in the sunlit dawn without thought.
I should have seen through that foundation,
dusted thickly on your face with precision.
How genuine it appeared,
glowing radiantly outside these impossible walls.
No wolf had ever aspired so intently
an effort that only sincerity could transpire.
Hot beath of spiced lips ruffled at my feathers,
tempting the untouched skin beneath.
How transforming your eyes became
when they looked into mine
and flickered with abyssal promises,
glistened with the moisture of honesty.
Entrustment of the thickest kind
spun through the cobwebs of my veins.
What a life it would be,
protected so devoutly by a wilddog.
But when my daydreaming haze unlocked that gate
you launched forward with mighty claws
to tear at my delicate flesh,
so tiny underneath your continental grip.
What a fool am I,
to lay here i
:iconjessica35:jessica35 4 7
Love is a clumsy thing.
Hearts are the breakable kind,
the glass kind.
So keep your heart away from love
like china is kept on the highest shelf.
Who didn't see that coming.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 8 9
The Grave by The Sycamore
Once upon a Sunday mass, when the time for bread had passed.
I took a stroll on hollow ground, past the ancient sycamore.
While I wondered, nearly falling, quietly there came a sighing.
As of someone gently crying, crying by a grave I've seen before.
"Tis some mourner" I uttered "sighing at this grave I've seen before."
Only this and nothing more.
Ah, I can plainly recall, it was in the barren fall
when they lowered her bones beneath the hollow floor.
Desperately I wished her healed; I wished for deaths kiss to yield
for my love to emerge-emerge from this grave I've seen before.
when the earth didn't sever, I knew she was lost forevermore.
This it is and nothing more.
As I stood there reminiscing, I was almost missing-
almost missing those cries from the grave by the sycamore.
My footsteps grew quicker, as the air grew thicker
racing fleetly towards the stone upon the graveyard floor.
There lies the maiden I lovingly adore, a memory from distant yore.
My lost lover, nevermore.
I found
:iconjessica35:jessica35 10 22
His Grey One
The rain fell violently from the sky that day. The winter air froze it in mid-flight, and the droplets shattered like glass as they hit the pavement.
"What a day for a wedding." Eddie whispered sarcastically under his breath.  
His black-dress shoes slid along the frozen puddles of the pathway as he walked. He desperately wanted to run, but he was clumsy enough as it was. The church bells began to chime mockingly in the distance.
I'm going to be late
Eddie finally came to the crossway between Baysflower and Tilendale Avenue. He knew if he took Baysflower the trip would be significantly shorter, but he would have to walk past the dreaded gates. It was a bit of a risk, but Eddie refused to be late for his own wedding.
He began to walk briskly down the dank street, trying his best to stay in the middle away from the gates that lined both sides of it. He glanced over at the black wrought-iron cages, and the Grey Ones behind the bars stared back at him.  They almo
:iconjessica35:jessica35 6 5
Fall dev ID by jessica35 Fall dev ID :iconjessica35:jessica35 1 6
La Isla de la Munecas
As soon as violet stepped foot on the vessel, she regretted her decision. When the engine erupted and the boat left the dock, her heart went running straight up the ramp and onto dry land where it was safe.  She gazed over at Dianne, who was basking in the sunlight, and wondered how she could be so calm. Didn't she know where they were headed?
The driver of the boat, noticing violet's distraught expression, let out a little chuckle. "Is this your first time in Mexico City siñoritas?" he said with a thick Mexican accent.
"Yes it is!" Dianne clapped her hands as she replied, her big blue eyes lighting up like lanterns. "We are so excited to be here! We heard that this is one of your biggest tourist attractions so we couldn't miss out on all the fun."
"What fun?" Violet whispered under her breath sarcastically.
They sat in silence for the rest of the trip as the boat billowed towards the island. The water cascaded past the fiberglass walls of the boat and lightly sprayed Vi
:iconjessica35:jessica35 4 6
Iron Parts
I remember a time when the world was faded around the edges.
The diseased aroma of bleach sat on the tip of my frail nose
and the subtle caress of deaths lingering kiss upon my chapped lips.
I fought with the blackness which enveloped my body,
and every day I sank deeper into its six-foot forever.
How sweet a surrender. To give in. To let go.
To end the searing pain and rest my tired head.
To lay my crumbling bones upon gods alter,
and fray the silken edges of life's last thread.
I see flashes of all the things I've never felt.
The caress of a lover against my skin.
The soft coo of a baby in my bundled arms.
The footprints I'll never leave in lands unknown.
So this light of mine keeps burning brightly,
It's the knife that cuts through the darkened sickness.
I hold on to that one last thread with a mighty grip,
to re-stitch its frayed edges, and re-build my heart with iron parts.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 10 14
Following the Rainbow
I used to chase those streaks of faded light-
my naked feet splashing in the shallow puddles,
sweet music of child's laughter playing upon those lips of mine.
I'd jump up to grab the spectrum of colours,
like it was a solid object to play with,
to have my chubby hand pass through the ghost-like shadows.
My tiny heart jumped in my chest as I ran,
Filled with the type of hope that only a promise
of magic can create in a young mind.
And when the clouds encompassed the sun
and when the soft pitter-patter subsided,
I knew that I had reached the end
where the greatest treasures could be found.
I would spend hours in that spot,
curled up with my glittery imagination
And the pot of gold I swore was actually real.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 4 4
Stop being so god damn beautiful
And give me a chance to breath.
Attraction will never be the same,
like comparing a crystal to a diamond.
Stop being so god damn beautiful.
And give me a chance to love.
I need to feel things again.
but you're like a syringe full of novocaine.
Stop being so god damn beautiful.
And give me a chance to live.
My mind is still twisted in your sheets,
but my body is in an everlasting purgatory.
Your so damn beautiful.
But I need you to stop.
Give me a chance.
And just STOP.
:iconjessica35:jessica35 4 4


Mary by Rhyn-Art Mary :iconrhyn-art:Rhyn-Art 2,354 291
Winter Themed Contest (Updated with Prize Count)
Well, we will be having a Winter themed contest.
The rules are
:bulletred: One entry per person
:bulletblue:Both poetry and prose are acceptable
:bulletgreen:If it has mature content, as always please mark it as such
:bulletpurple:No entries will be accepted after the deadline
:bulletyellow:Please submit any entries to the folder marked Winter Contest
:bulletorange:The deadline for the Winter contest will be January 31st, 2014
:bulletpink:Any winter topic, from holiday cheer to icy hatred is welcome
:bulletblack:Prizes will include the following:
       -1st place 100 points
       -2nd place 50 points
       -3rd place 25 points
Also, each winner's writing will be featured in our winner's journal, as well as in our group's featured folder.
And, as always happy writing
:iconbeautyinthepages:BeautyinthePages 3 6
December Journal Showcase and Poetry Contest!
Hello everyone.  Sorry that I'm a day late - yesterday was hectic...
We've only had one submission for critique this month so I'll add it to the list below.  As per the rules, I'll also be keeping on all those from last month that don't seem to have gotten any feedback.  If you have the chance, please read them and let the author know what you think - they'll be very grateful.
Contest is also still running for those who are interested - please read further for the rules!
Poetry Contest!
I figured that it was about time that we ran another contest.  If you would like to take part, the rules are as follows:
1.  Since the festive period is upon us, the theme this time is Warmth.  Take that to mean however you wish - how you include this prompt in your work is entirely up to you.
2.  You have exactly a month from today to submit your entries - submissions close at 12pm GMT on 24th December 2013 and then the judging will
:iconoriginal-lit:Original-Lit 4 16
Arela by Hell-Alka Arela :iconhell-alka:Hell-Alka 1,341 133
My mind is but
a house of cards,
its contents wildly flung;
and if madness is
a monster's mouth,
I'm caught upon its tongue.
:iconcallerofcrows:callerofcrows 18 6
She shivers
and throws her head back hard into the pillow
   (the goose down feathers spike her,
    fierce into her scalp, but she thrashes again).
He groans
and bites her neck with a gurgle
    (transferring an 'I love you'
      from the tips of his teeth, to her veins).
She convulses
her nails scratching a line into his back
  (he crosses it, she crosses herself and prays,
   she prays for nought - he exclaims; "Oh God").
He cries out
as her muscles contract in spasm
    (he spills his guts to her, overjoyed
     by her assumed compliance.)
She whimpers
as her body tries to force the intrusion out.
     (and the muscle of her heart contorts once more
      and, overwrought, shatters. Again.)
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 88 70
Butterfly Heart by sodacrush Butterfly Heart :iconsodacrush:sodacrush 957 75
Shy moon,
i've got love carved into honeysuckle wrists,
a murder of crows in my throat,
& a pack of wolves at my back.
i want to know truths behind these myth eyes, &
the distant galaxies under your fingertips.
but, love me. love me, Love.
show me what's beyond Grimm fairy tales
& scars.
spare me your ribs;
this skyscraper heart
needs a place to go.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 484 105
Colors of the Wind by JoJoesArt Colors of the Wind :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 4,856 265 It's super effective! by emmil It's super effective! :iconemmil:emmil 4,432 779
Crayon Soulmates
Dear Stars,
I have a bone to pick with you. You see, when I was six, I called myself the nowhere girl... and I coloured myself a soulmate. I made him on crumpled sheets, with broken pieces of crayon, on a playground that was too busy wondering whether growing up entailed stealing their mother's cigarettes and their father's dirty magazines (I suppose I was already wise enough to know that growing up meant choosing one of the many ways of breaking yourself in two.)
I hope you remember him, stars...he was important to me (My best friend threw that drawing away on my seventh birthday and told me that someone like me was not supposed to have such dreams.).
He had hair as ebony as deep onyx and a smile that never grew up (Peter Pan would have been proud).  He was magic in soul form, and smelled like cinnamon and the earth after it has rained. His eyes rivaled a lions on the best of his youth, his words were story shaped. His skin was an ink coloured canvas of wonder and even in crayon
:iconuntamedunwanted:UntamedUnwanted 773 83
Please, forgive me.
Like lies, you said
I make breathing the cosmos
through rose colored lungs
look easy- vertebrae stretched
toward the moon.
& I'm hanging my bones
out to dry, carving Saturn's
rings into my wrists- my
star burst ankles.
I swore then I'd keep my
black tongued poetry
& uprooted limbs far,
far away from you.
But, like lies, galaxies,
& night fevers, you
are the destination
on my star map skin.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 341 113
Old Loves and Sanity in a Lonely Chair
Lithographs of you
waxing lyrical on the bookshelf
between love letters and lithium
and the taste of your breath.
April euphoria
wearing down like the sole of well-
worn shoes
I wait at the door
half in and half out
with so much to lose
:iconrosary0fsighs:Rosary0fSighs 27 8
Christmas/Winter Contest - Judgement Week

Logo designed by 007Balel
"A non-judgemental, safe place where writers can submit poetry, prose, prosetry, phoetry, or anything they have written, without fear of prejudice or criticism."

Welcome to Our Annual

-: Information :-
Welcome to our annual Christmas/Winter contest. As per other contests, this will be based off visual prompts generously lent to us by the artists. You write what the prompt inspires in you – creativity is key.

-: Timeline :-
Please watch the timer on our front page for exact times.
:bulletred: December 1st – December 22nd -:- Submission Time
:bulletgreen: December 23rd – December 30th -:- Judging Time
:bulletred: December 31st -:- Winners Announced.

:iconmy-soul-bleeds-ink:My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink 5 12
Universe by JoJoesArt Universe :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 12,305 588





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